Zonya's Health Bites

So, in a couple of posts I've alluded to a show I've been watching called Zonya's Health Bites. I was talking to my sister one day and she mentioned that she'd been watching this really interesting show that gives shopping, food, and exercise information. It airs on public television stations around the country...for us, it's on NJN. Reruns are on all week at 1:30 PM.

She told me to check it out, so I started recording episodes and loved the show! She is a nutritionist, cookbook author, and public speaker. She goes around the country doing speaking engagements about how to lead a healthier lifestyle through food and exercise choices.

She's kind of a lot to take at first. Her personality is a bit "out there"...

Example A

But once you get passed the fact that she's wearing way too much make-up and has a cheesy theme song, you'll find her information to be really helpful. I've tried several of her recipes and enjoyed them. My sister got her cookbook and loves it!

Her show is split up into 3 segments. In the first one, she goes to the grocery store and talks about a particular kind of food and how to make a good choice when you're buying that food. For example, in one episode she went to the produce aisle and pointed out different kinds of fruits and vegetables that should be included in your diet and how to pick the best ones. In another episode, she went to the canned beans aisle and discussed the different options and the health benefits of beans.

In the second segment, she's at home in her kitchen. She uses some of the things she discussed in the grocery store to cook one or two recipes. I've seen her make soups, stews, breads, nachos, chicken, and much more. Throughout the cooking segment, she gives tips on how to cook in a healthy way.

The last segment is on exercise. She focuses on really simple everyday exercises that don't require you to go to the gym or have a lot of equipments. She works with a fitness instructor and models different exercises that improve your balance and strength.

In almost every episode, she shows a clip from one of her speaking engagements that centers on the theme of "The Power of One Good Habit". When she gives a tip or a recipe, she often tells you how much fat you'll be avoiding by making a healthier choice. She shows you the fat, in pounds, using Crisco Shortening! It's really gross, but the visual sticks in your memory when you reach for that candy bar.

Overall, it's a very informative and practical show. If you are interested, find out if your public television station airs her show. If you go to her website, it gives a link and directions for how to find that out. The website also has lots of tips, video clips, and recipes.

Have a happy and healthy Monday!


  1. While it looks awesome I think her parents named her a little unfortunately. Kind of like Xuxa (remember that show?)

  2. Yeah, her name is a little bit "unique"...her last name is Focco. Zonya Focco...interesting.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this show. I've never heard of it, and I am into healthy exercise and eating.

  4. Hi! I'm just swinging by after seeing your post about the puppies over at Just a little something from Judy. If you want a puppy you should look into Labradoodles...my friend has one and they are allergy friendly...no shedding, no dander. They look like big stuffed animals...SOOOO cute!!

    Also, I'm glad I found your site -- I like cooking too and include family recipes, quick & easy treats and a lot about Wildtree in my blog. Wildtree (like Pampered Chef which I see you like) is a home-show company that sells all-natural herbs, spices, oils & mixes that make cooking SUPER easy -- and super delicious. All-natural means absolutely NO preservatives, food dyes, artificial sweeteners or mystery ingredients...just pure good stuff.

    Anyhow, I'm rambling....look forward to visiting again. have a great day!

    P.S. I'm in PA too...Northeast...Lehigh Valley. :)

  5. I watched her show for the first time today. I Loved it!!!! as for her personality being "out there" yeah, I love that too!!!! Not a boring stuffed shirt like Julia Child!!!!! So interesting, so much fun and VERY useful.
    I've started exercising by walking this past June and have dropped 20 pounds. Now that it's getting colder I've been worried at how I'm going to get exercise that is fun. I think I just found my answer!!! Thanks for your website, I like it a lot :)