In Case You Thought I Disappeared...

The past few months have been....hmmm, how should I say this? INSANE.

I've done fun things (like celebrate my birthday) and not so fun things (like writing a case study for my grad class).

I've mostly been cooking up literacy, math, social studies, and science activities instead of interesting new recipes. What can I say? When you are in charge of teaching the youth of America, you have to prioritize sometimes.

Sure I've been cooking...just not anything new or interesting. I did squeeze in a cooking class and we made some stellar recipes that I'll share in a future post.

I've made some meatloaf, some soup, some pasta favorites...and yes, some chili. But I haven't made anything new or particularly special.

I've been making A LOT of hot beverages thanks to my sweet husband who bought me this for my birthday:

I'm pretty much obsessed with it...it's the gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes when people come over I force them to drink several hot drinks, whether they want to or not.

I carved this pumpkin:

Sonny carved this pumpkin:

We also went to a big Birthday/Masquerade party and had a fabulous time with some of our very best friends:

So even though I've been cooking without a plan, I've been doing some pretty cool stuff. As soon as I shut this computer, I'm going to allow myself an hour to dive into my newest cookbooks before I write some lesson plans. I can only go so long without experimenting in the kitchen!