I finally created an email account for this blog! I realize that sometimes people don't always feel like leaving comments for all to see but would rather email directly. If that's you...email me :)

Although I love sharing my recipes, tips, ideas, planning, and so on....I would also like to start posting things that have worked for other people, too.

So now you can email me if:
  • You have questions about what I've posted
  • You've tried a recipe and loved it....or didn't love it so much!
  • You have a great idea or recipe and you'd like me to "guest post" it
  • You have a great idea or recipe and you just want to share it with me
You can pretty much email me whatever you want....except for mean or inappropriate things, because that would just be mean and inappropriate.

Even if you're not so inclined to comment or email, I'm still glad you stopped by!

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  1. i've totally slacked off on the cooking thing in my life lately, but tonight i'm going to jordan's and told him to pick a recipe and we'll make it. i'll let you know how it goes! (i'm rooting for the pineapple teriyaki salmon)