8 Cookbooks for $14.00

~The Lesson for Today: Second hand bookstores are awesome ~

In my ongoing quest for kitchen inspiration, I often spend my down time paging through cookbooks of all sorts. My sister has loved cookbooks for a long time and I used to make fun of her for "reading" cookbooks like regular books. Now I do the exact same thing! I find them endlessly fascinating and will sometimes read them cover to cover.

As I've stated in previous posts...nothing pleases me more than going to the library and paying zero dollars to borrow and use as many cookbooks as I would like. But sometimes I just want to own certain cookbooks so I can use them whenever I want.

That's why I'm SO EXCITED about the store I discovered today. I was with my Dad and asked him about a second hand book store I had heard about in West Chester. He confirmed that it did indeed exist and that he even had a "Buy 2 Books Get 1 Free" coupon for it that he'd clipped from the paper. My Dad loves coupons...and I love that he loves coupons. The apple doesn't fall far...

Sonny and I drove over there today, coupon in hand. It's call Second Reading II and it's a donation based store that benefits the West Chester Area Senior Center. It was awesome! It was perfectly organized, had a large selection, and the special this month was 50% off of all cookbooks. I was in my glory.

In case you are interested, for a grand total of $14.00 I got...

~ All about how American cooking has evolved into new flavors from around the world~

~Recipes for stuffing anything from salmon to cupcakes~

~Recipes for eating with the seasons, the senses, and the soul~
~Annual recipes from Gourmet Magazine in 2000 with a special section on Thailand~

~ Cooking Light is awesome ~

~ If it tasted good in 1998, it tastes good now ~

~ All the recipes from Bon Appetit Magazine in 2000 ~

I also got a book called A Clove of Garlic by Katy Holder and Gail Duff (couldn't find a picture online). It gives the history of garlic, its health benefits, and tons of recipes for how to incorporate it into your diet.

I can't wait to try some new recipes in the weeks to come!


  1. My mother taught me to love cookbooks. She has so many and would spend hours reading them, marking her favorite recipes, and trying many of them. She passed this love unto me. I could understand all that you wrote about your love of cookbooks. The store you found today is one that I would be so excited to have found. Thank you for sharing your new discovery with all of us in blogland. It is fun to meet someone who enjoys the same things that you do.

  2. Nice! I love that bookstore!

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    Check it out, if you haven't already!