I'm Back!

Wow...Jamaica was absolutely amazing! We went to an all-inclusive resort and I ate some pretty amazing food. It was like a dream come true when I realized I could order whatever I wanted from the menu, including multiple items. Let's just say I didn't count my calories while I was there :)

Here are just a few pictures, including some food that we ate:

The water was such a beautiful color!

This was an appetizer made with crab...delicious!

The desserts were beautiful in addition to delicious.

They had 9 different restaurants to choose from...amazing!

On July 7th, our anniversary, we ate breakfast out on the pier

I was pretty much smiling the entire week...we had so much fun!

This was our view from our dinner table the first night...breathtaking!

It was a wonderful balance between relaxation and activity. We hung out at the many pools, sun bathed on the beach, and ate until we were ready to burst! We also went snorkeling (with sting rays!), swam with dolphins, tried the rock climbing wall, and hiked up Dunn's River Falls. It was trip to remember.

I am in the process of completing several posts with some great new recipes I've been making. Hopefully, I'll have some recipes and pictures posted by tonight or tomorrow morning!

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