Recipe for Success

Almost every week I sit in my family room surrounded by cookbooks and magazines. I have a pad of paper in my hands and I'm planning the answer to the age-old question, "What's for dinner?"

Cooking is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I find it fulfilling, creative, and relaxing. However, there used to be many nights that I walked in the door exhausted and hungry...cooking dinner was the last thing I felt like doing.

But all of that changed when I started cooking with a plan.

I realized that I was setting myself up for failure when I didn't plan out what I was going to cook and the ingredients I would need. I would go to the grocery store and randomly choose food that "looked good". I would come home, after spending way too much money, and find that I was missing things in order to make complete meals. I can't tell you how many times I threw away rotten food because I didn't have a plan for how to use it.

Now I sit down and think about our plans for the week. Most of the time we don't need seven meals to get through a week. Sometimes we have plans to eat out. Sometimes I plan bigger meals that will last two nights. I make a list of what nights we will need to eat at home and then I choose meals based on my schedule, what I can prep ahead, and what's on sale in the grocery store. For example, I don't plan to make a roast chicken (which takes over an hour and a half to cook) when I have an appointment after work and won't be home until 6:00.

I'm writing this blog so that I can share my ideas about planning smart when it comes to cooking. The goal is to make meals that make sense. That's my recipe for success.


  1. Can't wait to read your blog and get new recipes. Put up the chicken lettuce wraps one.

    Kaitlin Wallace (future chef)

  2. Yay! I'm excited to read your ideas. I RARELY have a weekly plan, even though I know it's the right thing to do. I usually don't take the time to figure out what's on sale at the store and wait until I'm there to "plan." Like you, I'd miss some ingredients and be left running out again for something I'd missed. It's definitely something I've been hoping to do better, and I'm anxious to get some help! :)

  3. Kaitlin, I just put up a post of my favorite chicken recipes...the lettuce wraps recipe is on there. Enjoy!

  4. You did it! Yeah! Can't wait to try those lettuce wraps.